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The African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy provides world-class training in combating financial and economic crimes (FECs).


It will do so on an unprecedented scale across English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, in the most accessible and cost-effective manner possible.

​​It addresses all types of FECs, including fraud, bribery and corruption, cybercrime, procurement offences, money laundering, tax evasion, trafficking, counterfeiting and environmental abuses.

All stages of efforts to curtail such offences will be covered, from prevention, detection and disruption to investigation, prosecution and enforcement.

Frequently neglected aspects, especially governance, oversight and inter-agency co-operation, will also be addressed.

The Academy does not investigate or seek to expose alleged misconduct, and nor does it involve itself in the many difficult issues associated with other aspects of policing and law enforcement in Africa.

It will make a huge, practical difference.



The African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy is an independent, UK-registered not-for-profit company.


The initiative emanates from the African Financial & Economic Crimes Forum, which seeks to facilitate greater innovation in this field.


It has the backing of a range of key organisations, both across the region and internationally, as well as national police chiefs, judges, attorneys- and auditors-general, industry regulators and business leaders.


The Academy does not have its own 'campus', as this would both increase costs and render its courses less accessible. Instead, it holds courses across the region, in collaboration with existing institutions, as well as possibly on-line.

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