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* Dolosse are the H-shaped concrete blocks that are often stacked on vulnerable shorelines to deflect the destructive force of the sea.

African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy

The African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy aims to transform the fight against financial and economic crime in English-speaking Africa, by greatly increasing the number of people with the specialist skills needed to secure a better business environment.

The Academy does not investigate or expose alleged offences: it is a professional training and briefing resource. It operates across the region's public, private and third sectors, with the backing of numerous key figures and institutions.

As an independent, not-for-profit venture, the Academy needs your help: building a dynamic world-class institution costs a lot.

We are thus appealing to all those who share our concerns about financial and economic crime in Africa to contribute to the success of this widely-endorsed and long-overdue catalyst for a more stable and prosperous continent.



Sponsorships don't suit everyone. For those who would rather affirm their support for the Academy's objectives with a once-off donation, we have created a special informal 'Dolosse Club' to publicly acknowledge their assistance.

Once-off donations of £5,000 or more will be used to further develop the Academy and to enhance the accessibility, quality and regularity of training programmes.

Donors will be acknowledged in Academy publications and on its website as members of the Dolosse Club. They will also be kept informed of progress and interesting developments, and invited to receptions and other special events hosted by the Academy.




Although the Academy will eventually be self-sustaining, the pace and scale of its initial stages will depend heavily on the financial support of those who recognise both the importance of the challenge and the need to ensure that the Academy remains unconstrained by the political tensions that reliance on government funding would generate.

Every contribution to the Academy's plans makes a huge difference.

​Please donate now by clicking the payment links below:

Both tabs will take you to a short donation form, which we would ask you to complete. Depending on your chosen payment method you will either be redirected to our secure PayPal payment portal to pay by Credit/Debit card, or if you have chosen payment by  bank transfer, we will provide you with our bank details and/or an invoice prior to payment, if required.   

African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy
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