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High-stakes corruption and other financial and economic crimes in Africa have become significantly more sophisticated and widespread in recent years, to the extent that they now pose a significant threat to democracy, the economy and the environment.


The threat cannot be contained by finely crafted speeches alone. ​​Practical measures are needed, and the only realistic starting point is independent, relevant and effective training.


Without a concerted regional effort to address the region’s acute and rapidly growing skills deficit in this field, matters can only get worse. Much worse. It is Africa’s greatest challenge.


As a wholly independent, not-for-profit regional resource, the Academy needs your help: building a viable, independent, world-class institution costs a lot.


Although the Academy will eventually be self-sustaining, the pace and scale of its initial stages will depend heavily on the financial support of those who recognise the urgency of the challenge.


There are two ways in which you can help to enhance the region’s prospects:

AFECA - African Financial & Economic Crimes Academy
by sponsoring the Acacdemy, and


The Academy presents a variety of exceptional sponsorship opportunities to suit different interests, objectives and budgets.


Sponsorship is a potent way of demonstrating your commitment to good governance and related capacity building, particularly to government, regulators, shareholders, clients and the media.


It can also help to promote your organisation to key decision-makers – and not just in law enforcement, but across the economy.


There are opportunities to focus on particular countries, sectors and themes; to highlight your expertise to carefully targeted groups; to involve staff and other stakeholders; and to participate in the many diverse promotional and supporting activities that we are planning.

(c) 2018.10.22 AFECA Dolosse triangle 01
Dolosse Club


* Dolosse are the H-shaped concrete blocks that are often stacked on vulnerable shorelines to deflect the destructive force of the sea.

Long-term sponsorships don’t suit everyone. For those who would rather affirm their support for the Academy’s objectives with a once-off donation, we have created a special informal 'Dolosse Club' to publicly acknowledge their assistance.

Once-off donations will be used to help establish the Academy and, thereafter, to enhance the accessibility, quality and regularity of training programmes.


Donors will be acknowledged in Academy publications and on its website as members of the Dolosse Club. They will also be kept informed of progress and interesting developments, and invited to receptions and other special events hosted by the Academy.

We warmly welcome enquiries from those who wish to support the Academy and the momentous shift that it represents in Africa’s approach to tackling financial and economic crime. Please click on the tab below to contact us for details of either sponsorship opportunities or Dolosse Club membership.

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