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​AFECA is committed to establishing itself as a world-class training and briefing resource on all aspects of financial and economic crime in and affecting English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.


We are now looking to expand our database of ‘freelance’ trainers and subject matter experts.


If you believe you can usefully contribute to our quest and would be interested in undertaking occasional short-term assignments, we’d love to hear from you – whatever your current status (employed full-time, self-employed, retired, etc) or circumstances.


We do not employ a faculty of full-time trainers and tutors, as that would greatly constrain our ability to address the region’s very diverse contexts and specialist training/briefing needs.


We also recognize that there are many very talented practitioners with invaluable practical experience who are not looking to change careers, but who nevertheless wish to share their expertise as and when convenient short-term, ad hoc opportunities to do so arise.




We are looking for relevant, real-world expertise from a wide range of backgrounds.


For example, our database currently includes judges, lawyers, accountants, civil servants, police and customs officers, business executives, bankers, academics and researchers, game rangers, ICT and cyber technicians, compliance officers, psychologists, environmentalists and others.


We don’t much care whether you have a dozen academic qualifications or none at all, as long as you are among the best in your field and would like to share your expertise and experience.


We also appreciate that someone who has spent years working out of the public eye in remote locations may have just as much to contribute as someone who has achieved high office or won international acclaim.


We are looking for both trainers and experts - they are often very different. Trainers develop practical skills, as well as trainees’ confidence and judgment to use those skills effectively in different situations. Subject matter experts impart specialist knowledge, insights, policy advice, analysis and understanding. They are very good at explaining, but may not be very good at (or not interested in) training.


We are as keen to hear from those who can brief cabinet ministers and CEOs on major developments as we are interested in identifying those who can train middle management and front-line personnel on operational issues.





​The nature of assignments will vary very considerably, as each is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of participants. For example, a briefing workshop for judges, CEOs or members of parliament will differ markedly from a training course for prosecutors, front-line investigators or compliance officers.


Training assignments also vary in duration – typically 2-5 days, but may be longer. Briefing assignments are usually much shorter – typically a day. While most assignments will be scheduled well in advance, some may be arranged at fairly short notice.


Assignments are conducted in a variety of locations across Sub-Sahara. All reasonable travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred in undertaking an assignment will be reimbursed.


All assignments are remunerated. The rate of remuneration will depend on the nature, duration and other features of each assignment.


There is no obligation to accept any particular assignment which you may be offered.



Interested?  Please complete and submit the online Application Form, which can be accessed via the 'Trainer/Expert Application Form'  tab below. 


Submission of the form is merely an expression of interest and does not commit you in any way. It also does not constitute acceptance of you as an AFECA trainer/expert.


In due course, we will be in touch with further details about the selection and accreditation process. In particular, we may require you to provide referees and may also seek to verify the information you have provided. We will always obtain your consent before doing so. As part of the accreditation process, you may be required to attend and successfully complete an induction programme.

All information provided by you will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.



Should you have any questions about any aspect of the application process, please submit these by email. We will respond as soon as practicable. Please do not phone.

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