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The world’s biggest economic crime fest

Next month several thousand of the world’s most erudite financial and economic crime lawyers will gather at Jesus College, Cambridge, England, for the 36th annual International Symposium on Economic Crime.

It is a truly extraordinary event: the ultimate networking and benchmarking experience, attended by just about everyone who is anyone in this field. It is always brilliantly organised, staged in the beautiful setting of Jesus College and, perhaps most appealing of all, not even the most celebrated of guest speakers is ever allowed to over-run their allocated time!

The Symposium is a glowing tribute to Professor Barry Rider, who has all-but single-handedly laboured over more than three decades to ensure that the Symposium it is indelibly inscribed in the diaries of an ever-growing number of distinguished, senior figures from every corner of the planet, from appellate judges and attorneys-general to police chiefs, lawyers, bankers and academics.

Naturally, AFECA will be there and a couple of our directors are also programme speakers.

The theme this year is “Unexplained wealth – whose business?”, which should provide a timely trove of much-needed scrutiny of the application of unexplained wealth and civil confiscatory orders.

Barry assures me that the choice of theme is not an attempt to broaden this year’s attendance to those with the greatest interest in the subject: the owners of some of the country’s most expensive properties and of many of the UK’s ubiquitous cash-only nail bars, car washes and pizza joints.

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