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The marked increase in the scale, scope and sophistication of financial and economic crimes across Sub-Saharan Africa has highlighted the acute shortage of skills needed to contain this unprecedented threat to the region's stability and future prosperity.

The answer is not simply 'more training'. What is also needed is more relevant and more effective training that develops institutional capacity across the economy.

Without a concerted and considered effort to address the region's growing skills deficit in this field, matters can only get worse. Much worse.  It is Africa's greatest challenge.


The Academy is not just about corruption and state capture. It is also as much about fraud and cyber security as it is about:

  • Defending decades of work in health care, education, water/sanitation and transport

  • Protecting the public from counterfeit pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other products

  • Disrupting the trafficking of human beings, women and children in particular

  • Safeguarding Africa's fragile environment

  • Ensuring that organised crime doesn't control the police and the judiciary

  • Underpinning financial inclusion programmes

  • Preventing the decimation of Africa's endangered wildlife

  • Curtailing the misappropriation of resources intended to mitigate climate change, natural disasters, famine and epidemics

  • Creating a business environment that can attract the investment – and create the jobs – that Africa so desperately needs.



These are challenges that no single country or organisation can overcome on its own. Collaboration is pivotal, but it needs to be sharply focused on practical measures that will make a difference - such as an independent, regional training resource: the Academy.

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The Academy is as much about protecting your organisation's assets, profits and reputation as it is about safeguarding your shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers and all those who depend on them.

Ultimately, it is about much more than 'just' crime, for it cuts to the very nexus of governance, sustainability, risk management, corporate responsibility and economic opportunity.

It is also about the future and Africa's huge population boom, as those who stand to lose the most from financial and economic crime are the hundreds of millions of children whose life prospects are being blighted by this scourge.

It is not difficult to understand why so many young people are so angry, or to realise that their frustrations may one day find expression in ways that may not be very pleasant – unless more businesses step up with more than mere words to support this crucial gateway to a better, brighter future for all.

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